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Perhaps we can pin this and keep a running list of all these ridiculous stats and bad records the cowboys keep breaking. Feel free to change the title as well

Here's a start Ive cut and pasted from another thread, I'll try to post the source whenever I can find it:

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Thgere was the one where a QB with a rating of 140+ has only lost a small handful of times, but Romo has three of them. He's the only QB with multiple losses under that scenario including the only one to lose in the playoffs under that same circumstance.

Only team in NFL history to follow two different 13-3 one seed seasons with a one and done playoffs.

Broke the team record for fewest rushing TDs a few years back. The record broken was of the strike shortened 9 game 1982 season.

Also records for fewest turnovers generated. not sure if it was just franchise or NFL record. I think it was tied for worst ever with the Saints maybe.

Current streak of 28 games without a defensive TD (longest in team history AFAIK), and also 36 games without a special teams TD (also longest in team history AFAIK).

There was the unique back to back 70+ yard runs given up to the Ravens.

The loss to the Texans first ever game should count here too it was such a huge fail.

Two games where we reached 99% win probability and lost, both in the same year to Green Bay and Detroit.

There's a ton more, but we would need Percy Howard to do some advanced research.
I think the Garrett 4 and 11 record versus rookie coaches deserves a fresh round of applause.


I think Carr might have had the modern day record for longest starting DB streak without an interception while he was here. It certainly had to be on the list of all time longest streaks for a guy who started the whole time.

And like I said earlier, no other coach will ever come close to this long list of fail because no other coach would keep their job long enough to collect this many epic fails.


Once we get this thread to about 5 pages or so, all properly cited Garrett achievements will be compiled, printed and sent via overnight to Cowboys HQ, to the attention of Johnny Walker GM.
Also in 2013, let Calvin Johnson go off for 329 yards receiving. The most ever surrendered in team history, and the second most in NFL history. The previous 300 yard game was 24 years earlier.
There was also a year not too long ago where we were the only team in the league where opposing QB's ratings actually improved when we blitzed. We're talking improved to over 100 rating when we blitzed. It was unreal.


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The Cowboys set a team record by committing 18 penalties against the Eagles in September, 2015. They had three others that the Eagles declined. The previous mark of 17 was set against the Cleveland Browns in a 1988 game.


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Matt Cassel had 97 passing yards in a game against the Seahawks in 2015. That is the fewest passing yards by a Dallas starting quarterback who played an entire game since Clint Stoerner’s first NFL start in October of 2001, when he tallied 93 yards versus Arizona.
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