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The photographs posted by paint a troubling picture regarding an alleged 30-person, pandemic-be-damned birthday party at Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s house. The police were unable to corroborate that picture.

Possibly because they didn’t really try to.

As noted by Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, an officer from the Prosper (Texas) Police Department arrived at Prescott’s home after receiving a complaint (an anonymous call, as one source explained it to PFT) of a party there.

“The officer was unable to verify the report of a party,” Prosper P.D. assistant chief Scott M. Brewer told Davisson. “Therefore, he just reminded the resident of the current CDC guidelines — to include social distancing.”

Brewer also said that Prosper “continues to seek voluntary compliance with regard to all applicable local and state disaster orders,” and that the department “will consider additional enforcement actions/options” on an as-needed basis. In other words, the Prosper P.D. has yet to commence aggressive efforts to ensure mandatory compliance, relying essentially on the honor system. Which strongly suggests that the officer likely went to the door, rang the bell, waited for Prescott to answer, asked Prescott whether he was having a party, accepted Prescott’s denial, and then left.

Prescott’s camp insists that Prescott did not host more than 10 people, and that no violation of social distancing guidelines occurred. Apart from the fact that the photos contradict those claims, hosting a gathering that entails others violating “stay at home” orders represents a separate concern. But the Prosper, Texas police officer, especially in light of the department’s current position that compliance is “voluntary” only, surely wasn’t going to take any sort of action against the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.


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if youre dak prescott, and despite things maybe being easier or subdued in your community, you gotta have some situational awareness

GMs and IT guys across the league were just bitching and moaning about having people in their homes for the NFL draft. athletes and doctors are getting socially castrated for performing elective surgeries.

if you are going to risk the bad optics of throwing a party, cant you confiscate phones at the door or something ?

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