How the Cowboys will likely approach this year's NFL draft


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By Jon Machota , Staff Writer Contact Jon Machotaon Twitter:mad:jonmachota

Staff writer Jon Machota recently held a chat to discuss all things Cowboys. Here are some highlights.

These videos that are turning featuring Jaylon Smith working out sure look impressive, especially the last one that shows him jumping over hurdles. What do your eyes tell you about whether he can make an impact in 2017?

Machota: "My eyes tell me he's ready to make an impact in 2017. Those videos have shown me more than I've seen in person (training camp/at The Star). Now, I'm not a doctor or athletic trainer, so maybe I'm missing something. But combining some of these recent videos with what Smith was saying at the end of the season, I think the expectation should be that he's ready to contribute."

If this draft is as solid as it's being made out to be in terms of defensive linemen, should the Cowboys consider taking edge rushers with their first two picks?

Machota: "That makes sense on paper but it's unlikely. They aren't drafting solely to fill needs. It'll be a factor, but they'll also consider best player available. Running back wasn't anywhere near their biggest need last year. But they couldn't pass on a talent like Zeke, and it paid off. I think one of the first two will be a defensive end but I doubt both. And don't be surprised if they draft an offensive player in the early rounds. As good as the offense appears to be, don't count out a wide receiver or tight end in the first few rounds."

Chances Cowboys sign Myles Garrett? Is it worth what it would take?

Machota: "The Cowboys would have to trade several first, second and probably third round picks to have a chance to draft Myles Garrett. He could be the first pick and likely won't make it out of the top 5. The Falcons gave up five premium picks to move up and draft Julio Jones at No. 6. Atlanta thought it was one player away. Jones appears to have been worth it. But are the Cowboys only one player away? I would say they're not. They need a premium pass rusher and a playmaker on the back end of the defense."

Does this Adrian Peterson to Cowboys as a backup make any sense to you?

Machota: "None. I understand why the Cowboys are always mentioned with free agents. It draws attention. "Peterson has interest in Browns, Bills, 49ers" just isn't an interesting headline. I understand AD would probably like to finish his career in Texas, but he's only a year removed from a 1,400-yard season. He's not starting over Ezekiel Elliott, so is the 31 year old cool with only 6 or 7 carries per game? Also, I'm not investing in a RB with so many holes to fill on defense. Makes absolutely no sense to me."


I could go for another special teams draft.

i hope they go into the draft and free agency with the mindset that they are set, they were only unlucky, it wasn't that they weren't good enough.

You just know they wrapped up their year end review with the attitude that they just needed a ball to bounce one way or the other.

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