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the news is so knee-jerk and stereotypical. the robbers were smart enough to hav their masks on in the store which leads me to think that maybe they were stealing cash and cigarettes from the gas station to help feed the children at the orphanage ?


Fox News interviewed him and at the end of the interview he said, "Remember, Epstein didn't kill himself." This guy is awesome!


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I mean, they have to find Rittenhouse not guilty on most, if not all these charges right?



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I mean, they have to find Rittenhouse not guilty on most, if not all these charges right?
A rational person would think so.

One would think but I can also see a juror voting strictly on his/her ideology and not the evidence. This would appear to be a clear cut case of self defense if there ever was one and I was hoping the jury would come back with a quick decision.

A hung jury may be the only outcome in today's society where ideology trumps all else. I hope I'm wrong.

But I have a greater issue with this trial. The conduct of the prosecution has been absolutely abhorrent. I've testified hundreds of times in local, state and federal court. No prosecutor would act like this guy. And filing the gun charges without even following or knowing the law is obscene. But I'm even more taken aback by the law enforcement officers that testified and put their names and reputations on a homicide charge with all the evidence pointing to self defense. And the fact they dropped the charges of one of the prosecution witnesses prior to trial and not informing the jury is unheard of. That's the first thing a prosecutor gets out when a prosecution witness testifies and puts it out there for the jury. The conduct of the state has been absolutely atrocious.


I haven't followed the thing closely but have read up on it most days, and the entire prosecution case is so bad that it reeks of extreme political bias and just out and out incompetence.

It was absolute comedy gold when their own STAR witness made the defense's case for them. To me the case was over right then and there. Seeing the idiot DA literally facepalm was just classic.
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