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its common knowledge that the comments there are not worth anybody's time

so by process of elimination, the only reason you guys still visit CZ must be for sexy cowboy kristi videos
It's comical some of things that are said both in the football forum and the overly moderated Corona virus forum. It's almost like going to the zoo.....


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You can't make this shit up.
no, you can't. but the cowboy fan base is not equal to the lowest common denominator.

IMO, DeNucci has bounce to his step, real good reflexes, tight footwork, that's a lot, but we have almost no tape … and we don't know if he has a arm. Remember the guys he played with and against are two steps slower than players on the UT bench. The shear speed of the NFL kills off most small school QBs before their first camp is over.

I was hoping for McDonald out of Hawaii - but DeNucci brings just as much talent

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