It's a pipe dream and the Deadskins would probably never trade with us anyway regardless of the offer, but adding Chase Young to our defense would be a game changer.



Practice Squad

of all the guys on the list the one I'd most like to see as a Cowboy is on the top of the list, Pitman

start with great hands (2 drops in 140 targets in 2019), tracks the ball well short, mid, and deep
nimble feet for a 6'4" 220 WR with an 80" wing span, a natural X, but can play the slot, that's rare
a gamer - you can trust him on slants and screens, fights for dirty yards, can block
a very polished WR - gets and keeps leverage and finds space vs man / zone / double

everything but killer straight line speed, the 4.52 combine speed is about right,
but look at like this he's faster and quicker than Dez, with far better hands, and self control
not that he'd have to be a workhorse

in what I expect is a big play O … he's a reliable big target at all levels
he may be on the board in R3


So what do you all think the consensus pick will be tomorrow at pick number 17?

I think if K' Levon Chaisson is there, he might be the pick or if one of the top-3 WR's fall in our lap, maybe them.

I kind of think we won't be staying at 17 though.
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