Shit, If pep was the king last year, I have to get in.

The site is down for maintenance right now.


You may kick my ass in football also, but it is satisfying to know I have a better understanding of the law than a practicing attorney. ; )
Okay I guess you have to be IN the league for that invite to work. And I have to send out an invite to people who want to be in.

Didn't used to be that way.

Just indicate you want to be in, and I'll send an invite. Basically first come first serve. The league is set up for 16 teams but I could go up to 20, but I doubt that'll be neccessary.

BC, Pep, and Jbond, I'll send you invites to the Email addresses associated with your account here.


Draft Pick
Do you need more players?

I have officially retired from fantasy football (I'm better than all of you clearly) but I'm sure my son will play. He has posted here like 5 times so he's legit and not at all a Midswat alt.

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