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  • 14, 45, 82, 206 = 1,393
    8, 73, 104, 136 = 1,386

    Those came from a fake fan trade that a fan proposed to broadus like a month ago. I screencapped it for these purposes.

    I think we got enough to gauge roughly what it might take to trade up one year, or to compare they did on their chart in a potential trade down this year.

    For example if they trade down and lose out on points then we know no one was clamoring for Barron or whatever
    Thought you might be interested in this

    14, 81 = 1049
    27, 31 = 1145

    We know 45 = 337

    14, 45, 82, 206 = 1,393
    8, 73, 104, 136 = 1,386

    Sone pieces of cowboys trade charts. Maybe your math teacher can use it to fill it out
    dbair, what the fuck are you doing viewing this page?

    jk. Don't think I don't know you came here to retrieve my post history. I'm on to you.
    I almost "reported" you trying to reply to the message...haha.

    I have to filter nearly every word I say over there. I'm not a prominent "realist" as they would call them but I voice enough displeasure with some of the teams BS that I'd probably rack up infractions if I were to take the filter off.

    Not angry just able to vent in the manner I'd like to, to place enough emphasis in the equation to get my true thoughts a crossed.
    Welcome, dude.

    Post away in our forums and share whatever opinions you have.

    We're laid back here, you can pretty much say what's on your mind.
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