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This clown embarrasses our country every fucking day.

A complete embarrassment. Every time I hear him speak I just want to shout at the fucking fraud scumbag. The country is in complete disarray and he blames everyone else but his policies, even after the elections which should have sent a strong signal. But these are the ideological Dems. They just double down while they're in power. BTW, Republicans suck balls. They saved this cocksucker's ass......


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We know that if Trump had done this, they would make fun of Trump is a very mocking way.
We know the MSM would never do that to their Saint Biden.
The MSM are rat turds.

you know it, it would have been a disgraceful insult to the brits, shameful to all Americans and another example of boarish unpresidential behavior


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she was refreshing!

but she's being portrayed like some gun totin' lunatic when in reality her perspective is refreshing, spot on and one everyone should embrace


Can you imagine if that was Trump or some other prominent Republican?

That clip would be 24/7 discussion on Communist News Network or BSNBC


Defense Wins Championships


NPR doing NPR things.

Complaining about an Asian-American DEMOCRAT WOMAN winning the Mayoral office in Boston, because the candidates of their preferred ethnicity didn't win.

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