Defense Wins Championships
I really like the way Sen. Cruz parses out the facts with Michael Horowitz about the FISA missteps of the FBI and DOJ.



Defense Wins Championships
Mark Levin is pretty good and his take on these types of constitutional matters are pretty good.

But unfortunately, no matter what anyone says, the country will still be split.

It's the podcast after the congressional testimony of the constitutional attorneys. His opening remarks are pretty spot on.
The 1st 10 minutes or so.


2 democratic defectors so far

How disgusted with your own party do you have to be to switch parties in the middle of the most important vote in your political career?
The other day in what CNN said was "all important testimony" there was a Dem sitting there watching the Presidents Cup and seemingly paying zero attention to the garbage.

They all knows its the biggest sham in US political history.

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