Doomsday is back as Admin


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Welcome back Dooms! We need you to stir up some shit, its been too quiet around here.

I think dbair has abandoned ship altogether. Any idea where he is? I know he posts at Cowboyszone but I don't know his screen name over there


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Doh, I misread the "at" as "as" and thought DCC was the screen name, thx

give him some shit for me the next time you see him post
some of the regular posters make fun of him. they think he is obsessed with cowboys zone.

it would be good to get dbair posting here again because i used to really like reading his post game summaries


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He's probably just venting because you can't say anything over at the xzone because its so heavliy moderated, bunch of damn lunatics running that place, look at this shit:

The CowboysZone Forum Rules

CowboysZone is a family-friendly site!
1 - You will not publicly question the actions of the staff or how this site is managed.
2 - You will not post obscene or non-family friendly content.
3 - You will not post links to obscene or non-family friendly content.
4 - You will not include profanity or non-family friendly language in your posts.
5 - You will not post racist or sexually insensitive discussions or comments.
6 - You will not post religious discussions or comments.
7 - You will not post political discussions or comments.
8 - You will not personally attack or insult other members.
9 - You will not troll or antagonize other members.
10 - You will not stalk or continuously harass other members.
11 - You will not advertise or promote other sites, services or products.
12 - You will not bump old threads for any reason.
13 - You will not circumvent the language filter.
14 - You will not repeatedly bump current threads to keep them on the front page of a forum.
15 - You will not use a username with offensive words, symbols or phrases.
16 - You will not blame anyone else for actions performed using your account.
17 - You will not create more than one account unless permission is granted beforehand.
18 - You will not intentionally post messages in the wrong forums.
19 - You will not post fake, false or wild rumors or news.
20 - You will not use misleading, fake or exclamatory titles.
21 - You will not post links to sites that have been filtered.
22 - You will not post messages that promote, condone or support any illegal activity.
23 - You will not post full articles from other sites without permission.
24 - You will not post images that contain full or near nudity.
25 - You will not use animated avatars or avatars larger than 20,000 bytes.
26 - You will not include animated images in your signatures.
27 - You will not have a signature larger than 500x350 or total more than 100,000 bytes.
28 - You will not promote any personal or non-official NFL related social networking pages or links.
29 - You will not spam any content on the site.
30 - You will not post links to content on sites that require subscriptions to access the content.

Everyone should read these rules and fully understand them before posting!
"Family friendly". damn arbitrary!!

The whole BS about cussing we all buy into in this society blows my mind because I know virtually everyone cusses but we all play along and act like its a bad thing when its just a random noise we've assigned negative value and then act apologetic if we use these words or folks get full of themselves if they don't

fuck off!



I know he posts at Cowboyszone but I don't know his screen name over there
I don't post at CZ and almost assuredly never will again. I don't even remember the last time I posted there but its been years.

My SN is the same there as it is here.

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