Yeah he has not liked Sam Williams at all.

I totally get people having the concern over his past, it deserves to be heavily scrutinized. But I don't see how you question the talent AND production, nor the continued improvement on the field while he was there. If he had only run sub 4.5 combined with 4 sacks at po-dunk U, I would get it. You are gambling on the underwear Olympics stuff translating to the field. But he has off the charts athletic skill and speed WITH great production in college footballs best conference (by far).

He probably does need to get physically stronger so he can hold up more vs the run, but when you watch the Miss defense at least some of it is the scheme because they played almost exclusively in a 3 man front with a lot of space in their front (which was typically 3-3 or 3-2 sets). He might end up winning a starting job this year though I suspect they'll use him a lot more as just a 2nd and 3rd down pass rusher, where his possible weakness against the run wouldnt hurt them much.

Not getting his comments on Tolbert at all though. The guy has him rated as his 79th best player and we got him at 88. I really don't see Michael Gallup as a comparison for Tolbert myself (different build, different type of game) but whatever, if we drafted another Gallup at 88 that's a GOOD thing, not a bad thing.


Not that I put a ton of weight in any of these sorts of things, but for fun here is where Kiper (only had a top-225 that I can see) and Matt Miller (top-300) had the guys we picked. (I much prefer guys like Daniel Jeremiah and Dane Brugler, but I dont have their final rankings)

1/24 Tyler Smith: Kiper 33, Miller 42

2/56 Sam Williams: Kiper 125, Miller 81 (Note, Kiper's 125 is the lowest I can find anyone having Williams within two weeks of the draft)

3/88 Jalen Tolbert: Kiper 79, Miller 67

4/129 Jake Ferguson: Kiper NA, Miller 177 (Kiper had Ferguson 12th among TE's, Miller had him 9th)

5/155 Matt Waletzko: Kiper 114, Miller 197

5/167 Daron Bland: Kiper 153, Miller NR (Note, almost everyone else has Bland in the 4th/5th/6th rd, but Miller left him out of CB and S entirely. I think this must be an oversight but who knows)

5/176 Damone Clark: Kiper 119, Miller 108

5/178 John Ridgeway: Kiper 152, Miller 152

6/193 Devin Harper: Kiper NR, Miller NR (I think Harper's proday workout got him drafted)


Marquese Bell: Kiper, NR but 16th rated safety, Miller 223 and 19th S
Big Kat Bryant: Kiper NR and 32nd DE, MIller NR
Juanyeh Thomas: Kiper NR and 23rd rated S, Miller 140, 13th rated safety
Alec Lindstrom: Kiper NR but 6th rated C, Miller 284 and 5th rated C
Aaron Hansford: Kiper 163 and 11th OLB, Miller 164 and 14th LB
Payton Handershot: Kiper 18th rated TE, Miller NR
Johnathan Garibay: Kiper 3rd rated PK, Miller no kickers rated
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