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  1. cmd34(work)

    2016 CFB Chatter....

    There are rumblings that some big-time alumni have notified the school to stop construction on some buildings they were building/paid for. That's the one thing that will force a school to act. We'll see if there is any truth to it. The funny (sad?) thing is when I go on my USC message board...
  2. cmd34(work)

    Ranking the Cowboy Seasons

    I still remember watching at home when Bob Lilly tossed his helmet across the field. That and predicting the Dorsett 99-yard run are my greatest Cowboy memories.
  3. cmd34(work)

    2016 Cowboys Draft Watch

    10.Kyler Fackrell LB Utah State (6’5”/245) - Official Athletic Site Official Athletic Site - Football Why would the Cowboys need him? We clearly love linebackers. Seriously, Kyler is a versatile linebacker who could play almost any 3-4 or 4-3 LB spot. I see some Brian...
  4. cmd34(work)

    2016 Cowboys Draft Watch

    My annual list of players that caught my eye the last few years in college. I’m not trying to find the top ten prospects with this exercise; I’m merely picking out players who I think will be spread out throughout the draft and could help the Cowboys. I try to look at pending free agents and...
  5. cmd34(work)

    La'el Collins signed. Also, Midswat likes dudes.

    Parnell was overrated by Cowboys fans (Zoners and dbair) and overpaid by Jacksonville. In 2 years, our 7th rounder from Va Tech will be a better player than Parnell.
  6. cmd34(work)


    I like most the players (Brinkley and Gachkar were dumb signings) we signed this off-season but I really hate the deals, our overall strategy. Next off-season we are still going to have to deal with Dez, find a MLB, find a DT, find a DE (Mincey and Hardy both free agents) probably a CB, and...
  7. cmd34(work)

    *Official* Live 2015 NFL Draft

    How much better are we all feeling about yesterday if the Chaz Green pick was Paul Dawson, Michael Bennett, or T.J. Clemmings? I would be giving us the highest A+ I could have imagined.
  8. cmd34(work)

    NFL Draft Game 2015 edition

    It depends on the value and where you can get them. Is DGB worth the risk at pick 27 (round 1)? Probably not for us. in the 2nd round? Maybe. Was Vontaze Burfict worth the risk in the 7th round? Absolutely. You can't have, or shouldn't have, a rigid stance on this stuff. We gambled on Dez...
  9. cmd34(work)

    NFL Draft Game 2015 edition

    DBG either spent this last year getting his crap together or he didn't. I've heard he was a nightmare and things like "biggest red flag" ever. I've also heard guys say he is reformed and is now serious about his NFL career. Up to scouts and investigators to figure out. Definitely a guy I would...
  10. cmd34(work)

    FanSpeak FA and Draft Simulator

    SUMMARY AFTER FREE AGENCY DALLAS COWBOYS Change Team >> Salary Cap: 145,000,000 Player Salaries: 126,704,977 Dead Money: 7,963,183 Carryover: 3,260,740 Reserved for Draft Picks: 5,000,000 Cap Space Remaining: 8,592,580 ROSTER SIGNED PLAYERS Name Position Cap Hit DeMarco Murray RB 6,230,000...
  11. cmd34(work)

    Never too early

    247Sports TOP 15 15. Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh 2013 247Sports Composite Rank: Four-Star, No. 126 Overall, No. 13 Wide Receiver The most productive WR of his recruiting class, Boyd has rolled off back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons to open his career, breaking several of Larry Fitzgerald's school...
  12. cmd34(work)

    McShay's latest mock draft: Will Cowboys seek offensive or defensive help?

    I don't hate the idea of drafting Gordon because he's a talent and it obviously fills a need if Murray is gone and no one is signed in free agency. Jordan Phillips scares me. Seems injured too often and when he does play, he takes a lot of plays off.
  13. cmd34(work)

    2015 NFL Draft Thread

    Not a Golden fan at all. Tartt is intriguing, but he reminds me of a poor man's Kam Chancellor. We don't need another strong safety. Wright is okay, doesn't wow me. Johnson is solid, but again, no wow. Overall, I'd be really disappointed with this draft. We would be taking a step backwards IMO.
  14. cmd34(work)

    Randle arrested

    He's trying his hardest to blow his NFL career. He still hasn't killed a teammate so he should be okay.
  15. cmd34(work)

    Super Bowl XLIX: New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

    He let the time run out in the 1st quarter when they were trying to kick a field goal. They treated each quarter like the end of the half. I was watching because I thought it might be cool with all of the Cowboys there. I didn't make it to the 2nd quarter because it was unwatchable garbage.
  16. cmd34(work)

    Senior Bowl Thread

    Preston reminds me a lot of Tyrone Crawford. Kevin White looked good; definitely competes on every play. I just want bigger CB's for what we are trying to do scheme-wise.
  17. cmd34(work)

    Packers DB- Dez caught the ball

    Three steps, took ball from two hands to one hand, extended the ball for the end zone. That is a football move. The NFL's going-to-the-ground continuation rule should have no longer applied since he established himself as a runner by making a football move. That moron Mike Pereira in the booth...
  18. cmd34(work)

    Cowboys have "tough decision" at right tackle

    He is a great guard and I can see the argument that he should stay there. Still, he was a 4 year starter at Left Tackle for the Domers and supposedly a few teams had a top 10 grade on him as a Tackle. I personally think he would be fine at Right Tackle.
  19. cmd34(work)

    Williams vs Street

    Williams seem like he just ran streaks and deep posts and the QB floated it to him. I rarely saw him attack a ball. Street had more plays where I saw him body the DB, go up, and get the ball. Now, this isn't me saying I looked at their whole seasons. This is from the 4 or 5 games I saw of each...
  20. cmd34(work)

    Williams vs Street

    If I just looked at their last years of college, I would think Street has more potential than Williams. We all joke about it, but the body-catching thing is a real issue with Williams. I wonder sometimes if he is simply another by-product of Romo (see Laurent Robinson). At worst, Williams is a...
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