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  1. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Jon was talking about shooting blacks who went near him and how Trayvon was a niglet or something does it matter anymore? The troublemakers are gone. This is it. Randy's back In 3....2.....
  2. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    1. I don't care about jon88 2. You're clearly the only one with a gripe against me (anyone else would have the balls to vocalize it) 3. Superpunk trolled you guys well. He's since passed. 4. I can multitask The race shit brought out the worst out of everyone, not my fault the ones with the...
  3. marionbarberthe4th

    Poll: MB4 or bbgun

    If it comes down to it who leaves town? You can only vote once
  4. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    From what I remember you and jon88 crossed the line of charming racism and turned this place into a klan rally so that banned member stopped putting in effort to engage you guys so you banned him. Pardon me for thinking this place had rules how many Alts do you have mid?? :dbair I had the...
  5. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Bbgun you'd think if you knew why you hated me it'd be easy to vocalize. Make mb4 vip again!
  6. marionbarberthe4th

    Day After Thoughts- Cleveland beatdown edition

    Also lol he literally gets double teamed in the redzone( people use that phrase when they don't know what it means, single John safety isn't a double team)
  7. marionbarberthe4th

    Who do you want in the super bowl

    Pitt feels right but the rematch factor makes it less fun Give me the pats. Bunch of jerks the whole lot
  8. marionbarberthe4th


    Well I didn't know the data. To me it's as simple as don't scare police and you'll stay alive. It doesn't make some of these shootings right but you can see where the problem is and how to address it. 75% black children raised without their dad. Fix that and youve solved literally every race...
  9. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Dr Drew was worried about her health months ago he said she's getting medicine from some shady doctor that no one has used in years
  10. marionbarberthe4th

    Aikman Sounds off on Skip Bayless

    Every fan thinks announcers hate their team but Troy definitely always disagrees with calls that go in our favor just so he doesn't seem like a homer
  11. marionbarberthe4th

    Top 10 Cowboys

    1. Romo 2. Visante shancoe 3. Tyron smith 4. Dez Bryant 5. Zach martin 6. Orlando scamdrick 7. Ezekiel elliot 8. Travis frderick 9. lee 10. David buehler
  12. marionbarberthe4th

    I've become such a cowboy scrooge, anyone else get irritated at the annual pump up?

    I agree with this. You're smart good post. But also not that jerry's cavalier attitude upsets me. It's just a casual reminder that it's ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He's like hey I'm getting drunk and getting my dick sucked the team has ups and downs what ever so I kinda emulate that. I get drunk and watch and...
  13. marionbarberthe4th

    2016 NFL Draft Thread...

    I heard his stats were good but I think McFadden ran like shit. He broke a crazy low amount of tackles.
  14. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    I guess they are but I like dbair he's a sweet boy and I read his stuff sometimes and I can't help but want to help him
  15. marionbarberthe4th

    Jerry Jones: Cowboys won't draft QB with No. 4 overall pick

    I hate the idea of drafting based on the scheme Of guys who are only coaching here for a few years . Bodies like deforest Buckner don't come along very often. He's basically 6'7" and 300 lbs can play all over and he plays 100 snaps a game at times that's rare cardio. He's worth like half a...
  16. marionbarberthe4th

    Your top 3 and how strongly it's your top 3

    I thiiiiink Ryan shazier turned out pretty good so couldn't we have traded down and taken him or Martin or his equivalent and been in the same position we are today? (Meaning instead of Martin and Myles jack we could've maybe been with shazier and laremy tunsil. I mean we're sitting here with...
  17. marionbarberthe4th

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Trump sounded kinda moderate yesterday preparing to battle Hilary I suppose but I think she'll beat him by hook or by crook. There's too much shit surrounding trump too many outlets are gonna do exposé's
  18. marionbarberthe4th

    Jerry Jones too old for rookie quarterback

    Romo is basically head coach level power in the organization. He's gonna tell them go get me help not my replacement
  19. marionbarberthe4th


    small trade down - I think they have a few options they'll like equally. And this is very in play. #9 Myles jack: 2nd: Braxton miller: Terrence Williams is set to be a free agent j think and also will be very hard to evaluate. They have Dunbar who I think they like more than Williams and...
  20. marionbarberthe4th

    Your top 3 and how strongly it's your top 3

    1. Buckner - 9/10 2. Goff - 8/10 3. Myles jack - 7/10
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