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  1. Scot

    This right here is why this country is going to hell

    This crazy ass woke bullshit has got to stop. I can’t even believe half of these “woke” stories are even real. WTF is going on in this country? Demi Lovato was triggered because a yogurt shop in LA offered sugar free options? How the fuck does someone get triggered over sugar? Why the fuck...
  2. Scot

    Jerry Jones donated $20 Million to the National Medal of Honor Memorial Fund

    This is honestly the first thing Jerry has done that I can say really impressed me. I’m not one to normally praise Jerry but........ Way to go Jerry...
  3. Scot

    Gun Rights Discussion

    I'm just curious how much the average person actually cares about their gun rights. I personally live in CA which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Which have also proven not to do a damn thing to stop gun violence. Same thing in Chicago, they have the strictest gun laws in...
  4. Scot

    Sunday Ticket moving from Direct TV to ESPN+ It looks like a new deal has been signed moving Sunday Ticket from Direct TV to ESPN+ in 2024. It’s also moving Thursday night...
  5. Scot

    Audio Restoration Expert in Texas?

    Does anyone know of an Audio expert that specializes in audio file restoration/manipulation? I have a client that has an old recording with some whispering on it and a lot of background noise. He needs the audio restored as well as the background noise reduced and/or the whispering part of the...
  6. Scot

    Stick it to 'em - report the adverts!

    This is something I can get behind
  7. Scot

    Attachment disappeared

    Anyone know what happened to the other photo that I uploaded along with this screenshot? It was there before, but it isn't any longer.
  8. Scot

    Anyone else here drink bourbon?

    Do any of you here on this website drink bourbon? I have been drinking and collecting bourbon for about a decade now. Anyone else here into the good stuff?
  9. Scot

    New thread for "Stop the Steal" lawsuits?

    We should have a separate thread for Trumps stop the steal court case discussions That way it won’t muddy up this thread going forward
  10. Scot

    Please tell me this is a joke

    I just saw this posted on Facebook and thought it had to be a joke. Then the comments go on to say that it isn’t a joke at all. This is your Representative in Texas coming out with this looney shit. WTF? This is some serious bat shit crazy next level California liberal type thinking here In...
  11. Scot

    2020 Cowboys Injury and player updates

    I figured we should have our yearly thread for injuries and player moves through the year. So here it is. Apparently D Law hurt his knee vs the Falcons. No real news other than he injured a knee. But they aren’t talking about the severity of the injury yet.
  12. Scot

    2020 season predictions thread

    What say you all? How will our Cowboys do in 2020? I’m saying 10-6 and make the playoffs but fall short of the Championship game.
  13. Scot

    2020 NFL Week 1 pick-em thread

    Are we going to do a weekly pick em thread this season?
  14. Scot

    Drew Pearson is finally nominated to the HOF!

    It has been long overdue! Let’s hope this is Drew’s year!!!!!
  15. Scot

    NFL COVID-19 body count thread

    I figured we might as well have one single thread for the daily additions to the NFL’s list of players and coaches that come down with Covid. 5 Jags players were placed on the Covid list Eagles coach Doug Pederson tested positive for Covid So far 95 players have tested positive...
  16. Scot

    Smoking Meat

    Does anyone else on this board smoke meats? With a large portion of you guys living in Texas I would imagine that there are a number of you that smoke meats regularly.
  17. Scot

    What are you watching during the lockdown?

    With most of us being placed on lockdown I was curious to know what you guys are all watching. If this lockdown gets extended we will need to find a way to keep ourselves entertained. So what shows would you recommend on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or other streaming sources?
  18. Scot

    L.A. Rams new logo announced

    The local fans here in LA are loosing their damn minds. Everyone hates it and they had a petition out to change the logo within 10 minutes of the announcement. I personally hate it. There is also a new version of the Rams head which is ugly as sin too. This is such an epic fail on every...
  19. Scot

    2020 Free Agents

    Here is a list of our current free agents. Which ones do you think we should resign and which ones shouldn’t we resign. QB Dak Prescott - Franchise Tag WR Tavon Austin - nope WR Randall Cobb - resign WR Amari Cooper - if the price of right, but certainly not for top 5 WR money TE Jason Witten...
  20. Scot

    NFL All Time Team

    So I’m watching the QB episode and you have Bill Belichick and Bret Farve talking about how they grew up idolizing Roger Staubach. It’s great to hear someone like Belichick talk about Staubach and how he still doesn’t know how he was able to do the things he did, and how he followed him from...
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