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  1. yimyammer

    The Best Damn Fishin' Thread Evar

    what do you fish for and how far out do you go?
  2. yimyammer

    Doomsday got butthurt and deleted his joke thread?

    Dooms! Why'd you delete your post & thread? Did I make you mad adding my story, don't make me pull a Biden on you!
  3. yimyammer

    Pranks/Practical jokes we did

    you and I would have tore up the town had we grown up together, I lived for pranking and/or messing with people, still do in some ways but don't have the time or opportunities like when I was young I and about half a dozen of my buddies helped me create a huge 20 foot paper mâché penis out of a...
  4. yimyammer

    Words filtered?

    hey dooms, why is this word off limits?
  5. yimyammer

    Will Jason Garrett get another head coaching job in the NFL?

    I say no, what say you?
  6. yimyammer

    Let the McCarthy era begin

  7. yimyammer

    Ex NFL player does an AMA on Reddit & shares his thoughts on Jerry Jones, etc

    Nothing really earth shattering her that we didn't already know, but FYI nonetheless: Jason Garrett was not the leader the Cowboys needed, but he is not the nucleus of the Cowboy's problems. Jerry Jones is. A players perspective. In my short time playing in Dallas, I learned a lot about the...
  8. yimyammer

    These guys are reading my posts

    Mark Schlereth: Cowboys will never win anything with the current structure of their organization
  9. yimyammer

    Troy had some doozies on todays Troy Aikman Show-full show posted here

    You can tell he's as frustrated with Jerry, et al as many of us. He talks about what he feels the problem has been the last 20+ years, thinks things have just gotten worse and its refreshing to hear. Heres the full show (expresses his exasperation around the 5 minute mark):
  10. yimyammer

    Jerry Jones is blaming the coaching, but he should be blaming himself

    BING-FUCKIN-O!-----> By Michael Lombardi Nov 25, 2019 Reality might have finally hit Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones right in the mouth. After Sunday’s 13-9 loss to the Patriots in cold, windy, rainy Foxboro, the Cowboys owner finally admitted that he has grave concerns about the coaching...
  11. yimyammer

    Why did this make Jerry Jones so miserable....

    and avoid the best head coaching options ever since he ran off Jimmy?
  12. yimyammer

    Percy Harvin opens up

  13. yimyammer

    Seattle and Homeless

    hey internet king, you're in Seattle right?
  14. yimyammer

    Did anyone listen to the Ticket last night (01/25/19) w/Aikman & Novacek?

    We've got to get a copy of that show, I was on my way to dinner and couldn't record or listen to the whole thing but the part I did hear was juicy as hell. Troy actually said that during the time he was there while Jimmy was coach, Jerry wasn't allowed on the practice field and he never saw him...
  15. yimyammer

    Aikman grills Jerry over the absence of Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor

    I have no idea why but this post was deleted at the Cowboyzone (HATE censorship, especially censorship that makes no friggin sense whatsoever). Anyway, thought it was a good topic so I thought I'd revive it here, credit goes to "erod" for starting the thread, shout out if you happen to post...
  16. yimyammer

    Week 9 WYG chatter

    this place has turned into homer central LOL
  17. yimyammer

    Help me make a new Spagnola meme

    I'm reposting this from another thread in the hope it gets some responses: For some reason I'm drawing a blank on his standard comment he'd make to support a move the Cowboys have already made (likely coming off of previous comments when he criticized the idea), any ideas?
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