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  1. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    He who? McCarthy is excited or Dak?
  2. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    Even if Moore is calling the particular plays, is it possible that MM can tell him during a game "Let's run it here" or "Let's do some play-action"? I don't think Red even did that.
  3. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    Who is the LB coach?
  4. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    I was referring to the idea of free speech...the spirit of the intention, not so much the legal application of the enforcement.
  5. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    I find it ironic that a website devoted to America's Team is a suppressor of the most American of freedoms, the freedom of speech.
  6. Tass

    Thanks...much appreciated

    Thanks...much appreciated
  7. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    I certainly don't sweat anybody from that site.
  8. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    Ok, fair enough! I do agree that it should be low on the priority list, but I would argue that it should indeed BE on the list because it does speak to some of what is wrong in Dallas. Guys giving themselves a nickname when they haven't done jack-shit. To me, it kind of speaks to the whole...
  9. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    This tends to happen more often online for some reason. If I had said what I said while talking with you in a bar I'm pretty sure you would have understood what I meant. I'll communicate clearer. Please do me the favor of giving me somewhat of a break, ok? I mean, I certainly don't want to be...
  10. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    Hoo-boy, I didn't realize the degree of semantic lawyering present here. Let's relax a little, huh guys? Obviously you can't MAKE any grown man do anything in the NFL. Yes, I would hope the coach discourages them by pointing out how weak it is to puff out your chest when you have nothing to be...
  11. Tass

    Let the McCarthy era begin

    I hope MM makes them dump the "Hot Boyz" nickname. It's fucking embarrassing, y'all. I would have loved to see the list of rejected nicknames. Smooth Operators Mama's Little Soldiers Wrestling Fans Thirsty Jocks Pink Twinkies Lollipop Lovers Skin Flautists Sticky Bunz I mean, the list just...
  12. Tass

    Is Jalen Ramsey Gay?

    Definitely a gay dude...but so what?
  13. Tass

    Deadspin Hardy incident photos

    "There is no reason to hit a woman...and I was just like 'Really?' I could give you, like, seventeen right off the top of my head. You could wake me from a drunken stupor and I could still give you, like, nine. Dude, there's plenty of reasons to hit a woman, you just don't do it. To sit there...
  14. Tass

    Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault...

  15. Tass

    Interesting PFF note on Jeff Heath

    I think people give Heath WAY too much shit. He was an undrafted rook and didn't look any worse than any of the other assclowns on last year's D. What does that say about them? I think it's because he's white and plays DB. Has to be twice as good to get half the credit. Kind of like black QBs.
  16. Tass

    DEMOTED Mo Claiborne storms out of facility

  17. Tass


    I agree with this with the caveat that Jerry stays in Cabo with no TV, internet, or phones during the draft.
  18. Tass

    S.Jones: Murray has ‘only increased our desire’ to sign him long-term

    I think Dez is overrated. He's good but he isn't top 5 good. Dude is dinged up a lot and has an attitude at times. I like the guy but my man wants Megatron money.
  19. Tass

    Romos back - we've been lied to.

    Come on, man. Would YOU guarantee a dude $50m and not have him greenlit by a medical professional of your own choosing? Granted, you and I seem to have common sense. Jerry may have gone ahead and given him the contract knowing his back was fucked but chose to believe it would be fine with...
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