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  1. Maveric

    Fantasy football: NFL's 10 most intriguing second-year players for 2022
  2. Maveric

    Fantasy football: 2021 second-half stats to believe in for 2022
  3. Maveric

    Fantasy football rankings: The 192 players who should be rostered
  4. Maveric

    Love, Hate and no regrets in life or in fantasy football
  5. Maveric

    Fantasy football 12-team, PPR mock draft: QBs going early
  6. Maveric

    2021 NFL schedule winners, best matchups, win total predictions: Experts make their picks
  7. Maveric

    Fantasy football waiver wire for NFL Week 3: Devonta Freeman, Dion Lewis among top pickups
  8. Maveric

    Fantasy Football 2020

    Drafting in 15 minutes, need one more team.
  9. Maveric

    Fantasy Football 2020

    I've got three other teams outside of here so far, plenty of spots open.
  10. Maveric

    Fantasy Football 2020

    Roster Size 22 Total Starters 12 Total on Bench 10 POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUMS Quarterback (QB) 1 No Limit Team Quarterback (TQB) 0 N/A Running Back (RB) 2 No Limit Running Back/Wide Receiver (RB/WR) 0 N/A Wide Receiver (WR) 3 No Limit Wide Receiver/Tight End...
  11. Maveric

    Fantasy Football 2020

    I've created a league on ESPN. Anyone's welcome aboard, message me an email if interested. Draft Type Snake Draft Date Sep 6, 2020 @ 1:00 PM CDT Seconds Per Pick 90 Draft Order Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time
  12. Maveric

    Fantasy Football 2020

    It'd be just for the right to be the best, which is of course, priceless. ;)
  13. Maveric

    Fantasy Football 2020

    I've only got my two dynasty leagues, thinking I need at least one more just for the sake of it. Anyone here interested?
  14. Maveric

    Matthew Berry's Updated 2020 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings
  15. Maveric

    Berry: 20(ish) things I learned at the 2020 NFL combine
  16. Maveric

    Fantasy football top-80 rookie rankings for dynasty leagues
  17. Maveric

    The 192: Christian McCaffrey the top pick for 2020 fantasy football drafts
  18. Maveric

    Fantasy football sleepers, busts, breakouts for 2019

    Had Luck in one league. Our draft was that night, made a trade and got Brissett literally 45 minutes before the announcement. Don't have Miller or Brown anywhere, but I do have Hunter Renfrow in one of my dynasties.
  19. Maveric

    Fantasy football sleepers, busts, breakouts for 2019
  20. Maveric

    Fantasy football sleepers, busts, breakouts for 2019

    Saw that; similar stories were all over that first 24 hours after the announcement.
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