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  1. marionbarberthe4th

    Poll: MB4 or bbgun

    If it comes down to it who leaves town? You can only vote once
  2. marionbarberthe4th

    Who do you want in the super bowl

    Pitt feels right but the rematch factor makes it less fun Give me the pats. Bunch of jerks the whole lot
  3. marionbarberthe4th

    Top 10 Cowboys

    1. Romo 2. Visante shancoe 3. Tyron smith 4. Dez Bryant 5. Zach martin 6. Orlando scamdrick 7. Ezekiel elliot 8. Travis frderick 9. lee 10. David buehler
  4. marionbarberthe4th


    small trade down - I think they have a few options they'll like equally. And this is very in play. #9 Myles jack: 2nd: Braxton miller: Terrence Williams is set to be a free agent j think and also will be very hard to evaluate. They have Dunbar who I think they like more than Williams and...
  5. marionbarberthe4th

    Your top 3 and how strongly it's your top 3

    1. Buckner - 9/10 2. Goff - 8/10 3. Myles jack - 7/10
  6. marionbarberthe4th

    Nfl adds rule that ladies must be interviewed for every executive position

    I called for this for years. Now if we can just get them to mandate tryouts for whites for RB so everyone is represented equally across the Board in all aspects of life and not take into account any nuance and look for racism and sexism in everything. #hopeandchange
  7. marionbarberthe4th

    Mb4 non pc timely take on rice/nfl(interesting)

    1. The ravens and the nfl don't give a shit about any off the field things bc there's so many and the public usually doesn't care 2. Bc of that I believe the nfl and the ravens could give a shit about ray rice. They gave him lienance bc he's usually a great guy. He was probably drunk af (an...
  8. marionbarberthe4th

    Adrian Peterson indicted He beat up his son or something

    The one week we WANT jerry to get all The headlines
  9. marionbarberthe4th

    Who You Got - Week 2

    Forty Niners @ Cowboys I singed into a fantasy league but didn't show up I got high an jo every girl I like in hs that's not illegal go cowboys
  10. marionbarberthe4th

    Playoff teams/SB winner

    1. Colts 2. Broncos 3. Ravens 4. Pats 5. Bills 6. Texans 1. Saints 2. Packers 3. Eagles 4. Cardinals 5. Seahawks 6. Bucs Colts / saints
  11. marionbarberthe4th

    College Thread(top 10 pick watch)

    I'll be looking at the lsu front 7 players (lsu/Wisconsin). My guys barkevious mingo and robert Quinn are studs we need a guy in that mold. And also Alabama/wvu should be fun
  12. marionbarberthe4th

    Jerry tampered with Adrian Peterson

    Outside the Lines -- Vikings' Adrian Peterson tells Dallas owner Jerry Jones he wants to be a Cowboy - ESPN Nice. So he cost us millions with the miles deal and now this'll be a 2nd(which is our grab bag round anyway)
  13. marionbarberthe4th

    Top 5 Simpsons episodes

    1. When Ernest and his son are carnies and steal the Simpsons house 2. When homer coaches football 3. When Lisa and Bart go to military school 4. Tomacco 5. We were this close to homer owning the cowboys ;\ The Denver Broncos Then & Now - YouTube
  14. marionbarberthe4th

    Study Proves Rooney rule is dumb

    We attempted to rank the coaches as players, and much like in our basketball study, there was virtually no connection between playing greatness and coaching greatness. Some of the most successful coaches on this list scarcely played a meaningful down, and some of the best players have a long way...
  15. marionbarberthe4th

    source: Goodell artifically increasing scoring for fantasy football losers There's been a lot of talk and writing about the NFL's new emphasis on its officials calling a tighter game, especially their cracking down on passing defense. But we're through two full weeks of preseason games now, long enough to...
  16. marionbarberthe4th

    Woman Chases Down, Captures Thief On Friday, a white lady named Clara Vondrich had her iPhone stolen out of her hand in Williamsburg but was able to catch one of the thieves, a 13-year-old boy. This story made it into the New York Post, and in...
  17. marionbarberthe4th


    Shit cray. How do we get the cops to stop shooting so many un-armed blacks?
  18. marionbarberthe4th


    Anyone want to explain Stephen a smith
  19. marionbarberthe4th


    Anyone following this kluwe Vikings thing? Kluwe wants Vikings personell fired for gay jokes. Vikings release report and do suspend a coach for the jokes. In The report we learn that kluwe made sandusky...
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