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  1. bvhawkeye

    DMN: Five thoughts from Cowboys' 35-30 loss to Rams

    Cowboys defense is, like usual, shit. Minimum pass rush and little help in the backfield. And Jerry will draft offense early again next season... like usual
  2. bvhawkeye

    The world according to Broaddus (mini camp)

    Perhaps Mr. Moore has "seen the light" and realizes that this is his last chance to make a career of playing pro football?
  3. bvhawkeye

    Signings and the rumors of signings

    Hoping for a better future... hoping Jerry figures out he's not a GM (and yes, one of the worst ever) and decides that winning that Super Bowl is more important than his ego. Had it when Jimmy was here and ego got in his way
  4. bvhawkeye

    2018 Cowboys Draft Watch

    Good read, however, I'm thinking to get Derwin James we'd have to be picking somewhere in the top 10.
  5. bvhawkeye

    Say goodbye to the "Legion of Boobs..."

    I'm hoping all 4 make it (well White may be inactive?), I'm still hoping Heath doesn't make the team this year
  6. bvhawkeye

    2017 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I'm VERY impressed with this years Cowboys draft... missed a couple of guys I wanted, but got a lot of db help
  7. bvhawkeye

    2017 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Tedric Thompson would make a great 4th round pick. The thought of Jeff Heath having a chance to start scares the shit out of me
  8. bvhawkeye

    Misc 2017 Draft Notes

    If McDowell is on the board in the 2nd (highly doubtful, but then again the same was said about Randy Gregory too) then you can bet Jerry'll take him. Loves the "Gamble on Greatness" in the 2nd round... and you can also probably bet that he'll be a wash out
  9. bvhawkeye

    Cowboys and random Draft Predictions

    #8: Philly fans are crap always and forever Not sure why all the hatred for Goddell, I think he's done a good job
  10. bvhawkeye

    Cowboys and random Draft Predictions

    1. Taco Charlton 2. Fabien Moreau (really want Tre'davious White) 3. Justin Evans Obi is the only guy I'm hoping we don't take in first round, or another TE unless it's Howard No veteran trades this year (or any year with Jerry) #5 YES YES YES... we are close, need to strike now for our D...
  11. bvhawkeye

    Barry Church: I'd be lying if I said Stephen Jones' recent comments didn't bother me

    Funny? I seem to recall him being pretty decent in run support, and the guy they're probably thinking can take his place (Heath) is a total trainwreck... horrible in all aspects of defense
  12. bvhawkeye

    Mel Kiper's latest mock has us taking Safety Jabrill Peppers

    Hooker will be LONG GONE before we pick. If it went the way Mel has it, then Marlon Humphrey or Taco are better picks
  13. bvhawkeye

    Doug Free Considering Retirement - DID retire!

    Green can't stay healthy, so hoping he's ok all year is silly at best. I think he'd be a great player, but he can't stay healthy. Now others have suddenly become steady after starting off as injury prone (see Marc Columbo), but is Cleary a good enough backup swing T or do we need to invest a...
  14. bvhawkeye

    Cowboys focused on receiver and ‘war daddy’ pass rusher

    Personally as of right now I'd say we should focus on db's... of course it'll depend on what happens in free agency (which probably won't be much)
  15. bvhawkeye

    Misc 2017 Draft Notes

    All the garbage Goodell has done to it? Like making it a 3 night thing? I always enjoyed the middle of the week marathon drafts of my youth... But this set up isn't all that bad. Friday night is my personal favorite with the 2nd and 3rd rounds
  16. bvhawkeye

    Dallas Cowboys need to clear more salary cap room

    and they keep pushing money off into the future, so they won't be able to keep their own anytime in the near future either. Simply a brilliant plan
  17. bvhawkeye

    Bill Polian Says Some Shit About Terrell Owens And Randy Moss

    Polian won A LOT of football games as a GM in the NFL. I'd take what he says seriously, he knows the game.
  18. bvhawkeye

    Giants spend quality time with Alabama TE O.J. Howard and top 3 offensive tackles

    With our defense, I'm worried about next season as a whole. Need to fix a lot of things and sparse cap room to improve...
  19. bvhawkeye

    Giants spend quality time with Alabama TE O.J. Howard and top 3 offensive tackles

    I would think the OT would be a better pick for them team wise, but Howard will be very tempting for any team
  20. bvhawkeye

    The one and only Jaylon (Gimp) Smith thread

    Gotta love Jerry and his every year "gamble on greatness" in the 2nd round with it's 7.4% success rate... how did he get put in the Hall again????
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