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  1. ThoughtExperiment

    Is this year a bust if we don't win it all?

    We're very healthy and a lot of things are going right. There's always a tendency to think, "Oh well, if we don't win it this year we're set up to win it the next several years" but it's amazing how often that doesn't work out for reasons you don't see at the time. So do we need to strike...
  2. ThoughtExperiment

    ESPN: NFL ORAL HISTORY - Tony Romo - How A Star Was Made

    10/28/16 • NFL ORAL HISTORY How A Star Was Made From undrafted free agent to understudy to starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, this is the oral history of the rise of Tony Romo, 10 years after he won the job. by Jean-Jacques Taylor Ten years ago this week, Tony Romo was in Dak...
  3. ThoughtExperiment

    Great news from spine specialist on Norm's show

    Dr John Michaels, who played in the league for the Packers. In a nutshell: Tony will be perfectly fine. This injury has nothing to do with any prior back injury and will not in any way jeopardize his future health. In fact, all the core strengthening he's done likely saved him from what could...
  4. ThoughtExperiment

    Training Camp PC thread

    Always entertaining. Jason loves the character and culture of this team, says he's not sure he's ever been around a better team in that area. :lol Some dude is missing the first two weeks of practice bc he got hit in the eye with a paintball. :lol (Who?) Steve won't talk about McClain. On...
  5. ThoughtExperiment

    The Star website

    Cowboys The Star | Take a look at this. I've never seen such ridiculous BS in my life. A few exceprts: Yeah, I'm just about to the point of hoping this team fails. Sue me.
  6. ThoughtExperiment

    MMQB on Cowboys draft day scene

    Props to Juke for mentioning this article. Interesting stuff. MON MAY. 2, 2016 Stars and Second Guesses: Inside the Dallas Draft Room The Cowboys were elated after picking Ezekiel Elliott and Jaylon Smith, but owner Jerry Jones was left lamenting the one that got away. Plus more on the event...
  7. ThoughtExperiment

    Defensive starter one drug strike away from suspension?

    Other than Gregory and McClain, I mean. Any guesses who? Scandrick?
  8. ThoughtExperiment

    Steve saying we want to re-sign both Claiborne and McClain

    According to the interwebs. No wonder we suck. I'll say it again, it seems like Steve and Jerry want to double down on their claim that last year was 100% injuries, and they're going to keep everything the same as much as possible to prove it.
  9. ThoughtExperiment

    Jerry on Joe Buck's show tonight

    I guess it was already on, but will be on again tonight at 10:00 CT on Audience, DirecTv channel 334. Here's a little preview I saw looking for something else. Jerry breaking down talking about his family. Sorry if I can't take him seriously as big a womanizer as we know he's always been...
  10. ThoughtExperiment

    Rams gone to LA

    In 2016. Chargers have a year to decide if they want to play at their stadium, or if they decide quickly enough they can go next year, too. If they decline, the Raiders have the same option. Was just flipping around and stumbled on the NFL PC. I know this is business and the Rams stadium...
  11. ThoughtExperiment

    Archer: Dallas Cowboys right to stick with Jason Garrett

    Dallas Cowboys right to stick with Jason Garrett Jan 11, 2016 Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer IRVING, Texas -- This is probably not the right time to speak positively about Marvin Lewis after the Cincinnati Bengals' meltdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night, but his coaching arc...
  12. ThoughtExperiment

    Jerry postgame comments

    Unbelievable. Even knowing Jerry's lunacy all these years, this is unbelievable. Screw this guy so hard. I still wish an earthquake would open up in Arlington and swallow his palace whole. That might be the only thing that hurts him. (Sorry any tapatalk people, it's an image and I haven't...
  13. ThoughtExperiment

    The real reason Troy retired

    Just caught the tail end of this the other day in the car and didn't really want to post about it because I wasn't sure I'd heard it in context, so I looked it up on the web. Finally found it on here, from about 38:30 to 40:40. This is from Joe Buck's TV show. Some earlier stuff about Troy's...
  14. ThoughtExperiment

    Derrick Henry

    What do you guys think about him? He's obviously big and fast, but does anyone else get a Richardson vibe with him? I'm not sure he's shifty enough to be great in the NFL, and you can't just bulldoze people in the NFL like you did in college.
  15. ThoughtExperiment

    Tony vows to help Jerry find his successor

    :lol Too funny. I can just see Tony going over film with Jerry in a dark room, Jerry taking notes on what to look for. Wonder where Will McClay was during all this. :lol No pressure, Tony. You not only have to play QB, but coach and GM, too. ==========================================...
  16. ThoughtExperiment

    Deadspin Hardy incident photos

    You've probably seen it, but in case you haven't... This Is Why NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend Edit, can't believe the Deadspin doesn't turn into ******** on this site. Not Family Friendly!
  17. ThoughtExperiment

    Randle released

    Just heard on the Ticket... What a strange situation. Wonder what took so long. Sounds like the guy almost has some mental issues.
  18. ThoughtExperiment

    Scandrick blows out ACL/MCL, gone for year

    On phone so no links, but he blew his knee out at practice. Sucks.
  19. ThoughtExperiment

    Brady Tinker claims Ro McClain gone first 8 games

    For those wondering, Tinker is a small time DFW media guy... Used to have a show on Channel 21 or one of those minor channels (I don't think he still does, anyway). He always seemed kind of douchey to me, but I wouldn't doubt that he has some real sources.
  20. ThoughtExperiment

    Ro McClain fails another pee test, suspended

    Four games. Always said this guy couldn't be trusted. We just got lucky last year. But hey, RKG. Not a thing wrong with him "rehabbing" back home where he wanted to be.
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