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    Roe vs Wade

    It got reversed
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 funny things TSA sees.... HEBRON, Ky. — The Transportation Security Administration had to double-check one Cincinnati visitor's luggage on their way out of town all because of a few packages of goetta. A woman traveling to her home in...
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    Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman launches EIGHT beer in Austin
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    Troy Aikman might jump from Fox to ESPN/ABC or Amazon NFL world reacts to Troy Aikman news Michael Dixon - 1h ago While football fans will still hear the commentary of Troy Aikman in 2022, it may not be on the same network. It was...
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    Dallas Cowboys executive was caught watching cheerleaders in their dressing room.
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    NFL Hall of Famer, Charley Taylor dead at age 80
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    Possible world war III If War Breaks Out, Here's How Russia and Ukraine's Air Forces Will Face Off Plus, what would happen if NATO decided to intervene. BY KYLE MIZOKAMI FEB 15, 2022 According to the U.S. government, Russia may invade Ukraine as early as this week. If...
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    Two NFL owners could reportedly be removed
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    Ivan Reitman, 'Animal House' Producer and 'Ghostbusters' Director, Dies at 75
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    Promised a New Culture, Women Say the N.F.L. Instead Pushed Them Aside

    Source: artcle: Promised a New Culture, Women Say the N.F.L. Instead Pushed Them Aside In the years after the Ray Rice scandal, the N.F.L. redoubled efforts to hire and promote women. But...
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    Super Bowl LVI Bengals vs Rams

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    Denver Broncos for sale. (Bloomberg) -- The NFL’s Denver Broncos are for sale following a family legal feud. Forbes Magazine ranked the Broncos as the 10th-most valuable NFL team at $3.75...
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    Lusia Harris, ‘Queen of Basketball,’ Dies at 66
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    Nuns smoking weed for non apple readers can read at:
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    Full house actor Bob Saget dead at 65
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    NFL Long time referee Tony Corrente, 70 retiring after 2021-2022 season
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    Fred Cone passed away at 95 years old - 12/31/2022
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    Dan Reeves passed away at 77 years old - 1/1/2022
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    Betty White passed away 12/31/2021 at age 99, almost 100
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