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  1. This Bud's 4U

    Country Rock Tunes

    Making a mix file for my bartending gig, and I'm digging for some country rock tunes that don't show up on the usual lists. Examples of what I have so far... Faraway Eyes - Rolling Stones Heartache Tonight - Eagles Curtis Lowe - Skynyrd Hot Dog - Led Zeppelin Copperhead Road - Steve Earle...
  2. This Bud's 4U

    Jerry Burns RIP

    One of Bud''s great wingmen, Jerry Burns, passes at age 94. HOF QB Fran Tarkenton says that Burns made him a better QB. From 1968 to 1985, Burns served as the Vikings' offensive coordinator under Grant (and, for one season, Les Steckel). Minnesota made the playoffs in 12 of those seasons...
  3. This Bud's 4U

    The "Unityᵀᴹ" Thread

    Though Joe bin Hidin talks a fair game on this "unity" and "coming together" thingy, his media lackeys and Pantifa/BLM goons are having none of it. This thread will make a nice depository for the slew of instances of their ongoing disingenuous duplicity... I can imagine no better way to kick...
  4. This Bud's 4U

    Prepare for the Virtue Beacon Bowlᵀᴹ

    Political preaching and finger wagging appears on rails to be a prominent feature in this season's Soup Bowl. No doubt that a marathon of Gilligan's Island re-runs would draw higher ratings. TV advertisers may be preparing to turn the NFL’s biggest game into the “Social Justice Bowl” with...
  5. This Bud's 4U

    General Charles Yeager will not be down for breakfast

    WWII fighter ace. First pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound. CMH recipient. Powers that be wouldn't let him be involved with Project Mercury because he wasn't a college boy. All around great character and Murican hero. You got any Beeman's? Godspeed General Yeager...
  6. This Bud's 4U

    PC Pussies Get Another Scalp Up North

    Don Cherry was on Hockey Night in Canada to say controversial things. Then he gets fired for... .... ....being controversial! Damned flappy-headed candy asses!
  7. This Bud's 4U

    Take over a 5-5 team

    Though this team hasn't had an active manager all year, I've made commish moves to keep it at least marginally competitive....Though it lost this week, it's still in the hunt to make the playoffs...5-5 with four to go. "Samuel's Team"...Publicly viewable league...
  8. This Bud's 4U

    Skip Bayless

    Why would anyone give a flying eff what that little pipsqueak has to say about anything?...When he was opposite Stephen A. Smith, it was a coin toss who I would like to slug in the face more...Now that he's with Shannon Sharpe, it's no contest. He's like the George Will of sports...Probably...
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