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  1. VTA

    Any takers on when we see women in the NFL?

    It's probably not but a little further down the road, but for now the NFL wants to share bathrooms.... Stinky Linky In Response: Link Fuck the NFL and their 'values'.
  2. VTA

    Good to see the FBI doing its job...

    Maybe they should be as effective here at home. Look at this lily-white imbecile.
  3. VTA

    It's racism...

    That's what's keeping Red employed. Thank God we've finally got the answer. Racism, pure and simple... *** :lol Link
  4. VTA

    Murray: the $40 mil Cheerleader...

    This particular situation is some serious Jerry-level team management. Lay it on Chip I suppose, but I can't imagine Lurie being too happy paying that kind of money for that kind of utilization/production. :awkward To his credit, he say's the right things when the cameras are on him. Link
  5. VTA

    More proof

    Of what I'd said in the gun-stats thread, but enough of hijacking that one: Not of more Americans being killed in the name of Allah, but Americans fighting back is her greatest fear. Can it get any clearer? Link
  6. VTA

    From 'most gifted' to limited.

    The sage words of GM Jones. Last week: This: :lol What an ass. Link
  7. VTA

    DEZ down graded: 10 - 12 weeks

    :mad Link
  8. VTA

    TO in the news...

  9. VTA

    Ahmeds Clock...

    Or how America lost it's mind.
  10. VTA

    Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey...

    Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey By Pretending To Be Biracial? You can make this shit up, but why would you? :lol Link Yes. Yes he did... Link
  11. VTA

    Got a dead body in your trunk?

    No sweat, just tell 'em you're a Muslim and you're home free... Link
  12. VTA

    Good streams for the game?

    Who's got the goods?
  13. VTA

    Police: Thief Forgets To Log Off Facebook After Burglarizing Home

    The problems of an addiction. Link
  14. VTA

    Who doesn't want to beat this animal with a bat?
  15. VTA

    Bull Pizzle

    :lol Link
  16. VTA

    How not to conduct war.

    Yeah, the greatest military, cutting edge weaponry; all worthless in the hands of politicians pretending war can be conducted as civil operations, limited by law. In place of killing enemy combatants, engage in the exceedingly short-sighted policy of putting these shit-heads in jails that will...
  17. VTA

    The Anti-Christ Speaks against the free market, Part II

    Link Has the wonderful pontiff done the same for the cause of the persecuted masses he claims to be the head of? Of course not. In his ramblings about wealth distribution, while writing his Evangelii Gaudium, he managed to 'appeal' to Mid East savages to exercise tolerance. Instead of...
  18. VTA

    How bad are things in the Ukraine?

    Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine :wtf Link
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