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  1. MI Cowboy Fan

    Who Here is Not Entirely Sold on Dak Prescott?

    Found this article this am... Kinda shows that Dalton is destined for clip board duty, now that Rush is gone...
  2. MI Cowboy Fan

    2020 Offseason Cowboy personnel news

    And the Red Clapper strikes again! LOL And correct me if I'm wrong, but since Bozo the redheaded clown claimed Rush off waivers, we don't take the salary cap hit for releasing Rush, correct?
  3. MI Cowboy Fan

    Dallas Signs RT Collins to 5 year Ext....
  4. MI Cowboy Fan

    Zeke privately saying he may hold out of training camp for a new contract

    And now this:
  5. MI Cowboy Fan

    Earl Thomas thread

    Maybe, but at least he knows how tackle....
  6. MI Cowboy Fan

    Earl Thomas thread

    I would rather have Landon Collins.... BUT looks like he is looking for Eric Berry type $$$$.....
  7. MI Cowboy Fan


    Jon Kitna is new QB coach?
  8. MI Cowboy Fan

    What is latest on Randy Gregory

    D, Yep, my bad, it doesn't, but it did say that was he diagnosed with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Kinda the same.... He has mental issues that's for sure, and I hope he keeps it under control with his treatment plan that he is on, I guess my view is influenced by the fact that I...
  9. MI Cowboy Fan

    Who Ya Got? Week 14 - Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

    COWBOYS!! And this should fire up the 'boys..... Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill offers first attack in trash-talking war vs. the Cowboys
  10. MI Cowboy Fan

    What is latest on Randy Gregory

    Have you guys seen this?: Dallas Cowboys' Randy Gregory talks about being 'in a real bad place' It's a good read, the kid has been thru alot.... And yes, I'm pulling for him, I have a friend with bi-polar, it's a full time battle..... And he is a freak athlete, and when he came back this...
  11. MI Cowboy Fan

    2018 NFL Week #13 Gameday Thread: New Orleans Saints (10-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (6-5)

    d, Agree also, 90, 55, (who, BTW, better be a top runner for Rookie Def. Player of Yr. discussions, IMHO), 54 are just seeing everything happening at warp speed. The goal line stand was just awesome, I think I woke the neighbors!! LOL!
  12. MI Cowboy Fan

    2018 NFL Week #13 Gameday Thread: New Orleans Saints (10-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (6-5)

    ^^^^^ This! J. Smith and LVE played lights out! I mean, 54 was lighting up everybody, and lucky he didn't get a penalty on the hit on Kamara.... But that was how he was playing all night, just whacking people. I think 54 was the game MVP! How 'bout them phucking cowboys!
  13. MI Cowboy Fan

    Week 9 WYG chatter

    We definitely need this win, BUT I have only the non-home field advantage to hedge my bet with......:chug@bar
  14. MI Cowboy Fan

    Week 7 WYG chatter - Its Redskins Week

    Not that it will effect the game this weekend much.... Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, suspended 3 games NFL substance abuse Yet 49er R. Foster only got 2 games suspension for the shit he did this offseason..... WTF!
  15. MI Cowboy Fan

    Garrett's stock rising dramatically

    Data on Richards: And at least he's won a SB as coach, just sayin......
  16. MI Cowboy Fan

    Garrett's stock rising dramatically

    Data on Richards: And at least he's won a SB as coach......
  17. MI Cowboy Fan

    Who Ya Got? Week 6 - Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys

    JAGS, which is my home state team... Our youngest daughter goes to UNF in Jacksonville, and UNF doesn't have a football team, so our daughter has gone to a couple of Jags games.....
  18. MI Cowboy Fan

    Cowboys re-sign Brice Butler....

    Hmmmmm, Brice Butler signs with Dallas Cowboys for 7th receiver
  19. MI Cowboy Fan

    5 thoughts from Cowboys' season-opening loss at Carolina

    What an ugly cowboy game.... "Rookie left guard Connor Williams was beat for a pair of sacks in key situations." Williams was being pushed around the whole game..... He can't handle the bull rush, from even my grandmother, (God rest her soul)...
  20. MI Cowboy Fan

    Who You Got? Week 1 - Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers

    No, Love Port St. L. boat down there every so often.... Just verified that we will be getting the game on Fox 35 out of Orlando, which is good for me, since we didn't renew our NFL ticket for the 1st time since 2006.... BTW, Phuck that kneeling chit!
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