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  1. junk

    The 2018 Debacle as I see it

    OK, but even as "bad" as Parcells was, he was by far the best thing since Jimmy and no one has compared to him since. Criticize him because he wasn't as good as the Pats/Giants years - that is fine. But the guy went to the playoffs with Quincy at QB and Hambrick at RB. Think about that a...
  2. junk

    Bullshit Hostile Stories

    Informed the team that Mason Foster could play inside in a 3-4 Let the team know Ronnell Lewis had off the field issues. They didn't know apparently even though the shittiest of draft sites talked about it
  3. junk

    2017 NFL Draft discussion thread

    The guy is named Taco. And he didn't bring a picture of his dead grandma on stage. Draft success.
  4. junk

    Tony Romo trade/future speculation thread

    Yes. So it isn't really a valid comparison to Romo. That was my point. Do I think Romo is worth a pick of some sort? Sure, but the Texans thing doesn't really work as a rationale as why. They had to pay to get rid of Osweiler.
  5. junk

    Tony Romo trade/future speculation thread

    So you want to give up a second and get a fourth back for Romo? That's a loss not a gain
  6. junk

    Signings and the rumors of signings

    None taken. If there's one thing I've learned it is that I suck at evaluating college players I thought Bobby Carpenter would be good In summary, if I like someone, expect them to be a bust
  7. junk

    Prescott 'so confident' Cowboys will be playing in next year's Super Bowl

    Well he's officially a Cowboy now. Talking about the Super Bowl in the off-season as if it's a given
  8. junk

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    A ton of information coming in right now, so it is hard to tell what is factual and what is not. If a fraction of what is being reported is true, it is very disturbing. However, putting that aside, none of the 9-11 attackers would have been impacted by this. None of their home countries are...
  9. junk

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    I've seen people here, and other places, make comments about how terrible the last 8 years have been. I'm curious what, in particular, has been so terrible? The stock market has seen record highs. The unemployment rate has pretty steadily decreased. Federal debt has soared, which is bad...
  10. junk

    Parcells speaks on Prescott, Romo

    I'd agree Parcells, while here, may not have been the coach he was with the Giants. However he was far and away the best coach here since Jimmy. I'm pretty sure he could roll off the couch tomorrow and coach a better game than Garrett. Call it a fluke all you want, winning 10 games with...
  11. junk

    Cowboys pick 28th in the NFL Draft

    I love the idea of John Ross. Having a player who is a factor in the return game would be a nice change of pace. Then a deep threat to open up underneath for Zeke, Dez and Beasley would open up the offense even more Having said that, defense needs to be a priority.
  12. junk

    A Breath of Fresh Heir: Stephen Jones following in the shadow cast by his father

    For the first time, in a long time, I actually feel like things are looking up. By all accounts, Stephen learned a lot from Parcells. It feels like they have a pretty good approach to scouting and drafting (not to mention free agency) I'm not a huge Garrett fan, mainly because he held the...
  13. junk

    AT&T Uverse or Comcast Xfinity?

    I had a lot of people tell me I was crazy when I said I had issues. Bad luck maybe I guess. The last straw was when I went to cancel and I was no longer under any commitment. Then they tried to charge me a fee to leave.
  14. junk

    AT&T Uverse or Comcast Xfinity?

    Check out PlayStation Vue. I think their user interface sucks but I think you can get ESPN and Fox Sports and NFL network. You can steam it using Roku PlayStation or Amazon Fire Probably about half the price unless you get a great introductory deal Directv still won't let you standalone...
  15. junk

    Misc 2017 Draft Notes

    They desperately need a deep threat/speed/return type guy. I'm just not sure they'd know how to use one though.
  16. junk

    If not Dallas, then who?

    What's this shit? It's Dallas this year. I just don't know what I'll do if they win. Want to see Dak, Zeke, Witten, Lee, etc. with the trophy but I'll probably throw the remote through the TV when Garrett and the Jones spawn are pawing it
  17. junk

    McFadden gained an edge on Morris with his versatility

    I'm pretty Tyron was the plan all along Martin wasn't. I think OL was the plan the year they got Frederick too but no one told Garrett If rebuilding the OL was his grand plan though, he would have invested more resources in it earlier instead of second round TEs. He also wouldn't have...
  18. junk

    2013 NFL Draft Thread

    Well obviously I don't have time to read the whole thread, but here are my impressions from what I did read. 1) I had an odd interest in Damontre Moore who ended up being a trainwreck 2) I did mock Frederick to the Cowboys early but in round 2. 3) I miss cmd34(work)- he is way better than...
  19. junk

    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Eh Pence does have a shitty record on gay rights. I didn't think anything they said was terribly offensive. I have no idea what proper theater etiquette is though. The booing from the crowd didn't exhibit much class.
  20. junk

    Traveling from new mexico to check out thanksgiving game

    Spooky tooths. I don't even know what that means but it really sounds insulting I'm sure it's good but Hard 8 sounds like the name of a gay BBQ place
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