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    Players I want to see gone after this season.

    My list of who to get rid of: Choice, Barber Bennett Entire O-Line and Start off Fresh and new Scandrick New Safeties Buehler
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    It's official-Cowboys' Marc Colombo out for Sunday's game in Washington

    I'm actually 14, heading on 15 in 2 months, but I understand you SBK and I 100% agree. I just like Columbo, plus he's like me. Bald and fat! Plus a right tackle!
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    It's official-Cowboys' Marc Colombo out for Sunday's game in Washington

    Columbo is my hero on the O-Line. One of my favorite players on the O-Line. Tough break for him.
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    Aaron Rodgers..

    I'm not jumping on any bandwagon and I still am a Die-Hard Cowboys fan but I'd rather have Rodgers over Romo any day.
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    No dude he's on bold blue on that list. No one is in red. At least on my page he isn't. Any really the only moderator?
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    Brag? Heck I should be bragging about LOOSING weight bro! LOL. As for the members list its under the community list drop down. But nowhere is it red on anyone's name. Mods are bold blue and it's hard to tell the difference between mods and members.
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    #1 no one is "red" under the members column. I don't know where you got that. #2 stop trying to play internet tough guy. Your nothing but a piece of shit behind that computer. How do i know? People from C-F have told me more about you than you can think.
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    No problem. That's honestly the better option. Can I make another suggestion? Make the Admins a red Admin tag and a Mod Black. Or just any other color because it's hard to tell whose a mod admin or member.
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    2010 Season Game Threads Mega-Merge

    Sorry for the bad confidence but there's no way we're going to win. Especially with McGee as the QB. But it should be interesting.
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    Matt Leinart doesn't want to be a backup quarterback

    Doesn't want to be a back up QB? LOL! He's no where near a starting QB job! Unless one of the dumber NFL teams actually gives him a chance.
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    is there a way to make the sides of the forum the color of blue instead of gray?
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    How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular

    The only reason Obama was elected president was because of the total number of African Americans there are in the world.
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    Dumb thread by motorbreath

    Who will join the club! F**K BA'AL!
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    DCU Yahoo Fantasy Football League

    How come we can't make this a normal Yahoo league? I like the normal set up of Yahoo with the scoring and positions. Plus, the draft needs to be earlier.
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    MLB Thread

    A-Rod really sucks since his 599th homer. That's good news but the bad news is the Rangers are down 2-0 now.. :(
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    DCU Yahoo Fantasy Football League

    I accidentally deleted the PM he sent me because the PM's were full. So I need the details again.
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    DCU Yahoo Fantasy Football League

    I need someone to send me the details. But that's fine if I don't make the league. Either way, I'm happy.
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    Suprise Camp Cut . . .

    Roy has the biggest change of being cut, but even then I still don't think he'll be cut. Neither will Crayton, or Ball or Tellus.
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    Modern Warfare 2

    I love MW2 online play. I'm on 41 without a prestige and I'm really getting hooked on Free-for-All.
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    MLB The Show

    Exactly what I was going to say. 2K is more fun and easier, while The Show is just good for graphics.
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