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    Ben Rogers publicly calls for Garrett firing

    Hi, guys. Just popped in to read a little, saw the Dbair thing and thought it deserved a “ :lol “. I hope everyone is doing well and had a great Xmas/New years.
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    2017 Week Three NFL Thread

    Since when did D. Lawrence turn into Reggie White? That bull rush sack was hilarious. The lineman looked like he was on skates.
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    NFL Protests: The Future of the NFL is at Stake

    Quick, someone buy The NFL is ripe for being taken down. All it would take is a football league geared toward Trump's base. $$$$$$$
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    CNN: Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison

    Didn't he kill a snitch or something? i thought you mostly get fucked with and best up if you diddle kids.
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    Bill O'Reilly done at FOX News

    I never could watch that show on a regular basis. He's way obnoxious. Asks a question then cuts you off half way through your answer. Fuck that. I bet Charles Krauthammer wishes he could get out of his wheelchair and stomp bill's ass just once.
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    Donations: Thank you for the thought but no....

    I think I'm in a pretty good position to comment on this, having been around Iamtdg for some years, and dealing closely with Doomsday for a time. Iamtdg understandably didn't like the line of questioning, and as many times as the DCC has had to start from scratch, I would think it could be...
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    How the Cowboys will likely approach this year's NFL draft

    I could go for another special teams draft. i hope they go into the draft and free agency with the mindset that they are set, they were only unlucky, it wasn't that they weren't good enough. You just know they wrapped up their year end review with the attitude that they just needed a ball to...
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    Hope this is the end of TWilly as a Cowboy

    All I remember about hard knocks is Richmond Flowers and Chad Hutchinson pretty much sucking each other off on screen.
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    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Freeways were a bit easier to navigate today around here with all the illegals staying home or gathering in major cities. I was able to pump gas and get to appointments, I found what must have been the only hamburger joint in the country and actually was served a meal. My yard didn't grow out...
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    The story of how Jerry Jones and the Cowboys almost never drafted Jason Witten

    Not going to read it, but really, does it matter? What if they don't draft him? Does anything really change? He's part of the losing culture around the team as much as Garrett, Jerry, etc. Don't care.
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    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    The fact that this person is comfortable enough to talk about this law breaking so openly, with no fear of any consequence, it's sad. I hope ICE rounds up his family first. He should lose his cushy job for being an accomplice to this illegal activity.
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    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Anyone see Nancy Pelosi trying to answer a question by a mother who lost her young son to a brutal murder at the hands of an illegal? When I say brutal, it was awful just listening to the mother go into graphic description of the murder. Pelosi, the ignorant bitch, thanks her for the...
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    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Not really. What I do wonder is, why nobody outside of Fox News will point blank ask a liberal politician what they have against the idea of America first. The answer is simple, I laid it out above. It's because they want to say "hey, lookit me! I have a big heart, it's bigger than yours...
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    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    Yeah, I'm just tired of the bleeding heart social liberals who will walk over a veteran in the street that can't get enough to eat, or who turn a blind eye to the children in this country who have dreams, all in order to have some self righteous badge of honor because they care about people who...
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    The never-ending POTUS Election thread....

    I'm good with the temporary ban. I wish it was a moratorium on immigration tho. I heard Sean Spicer defending it today and he's right. There may not be an imminent threat hanging out there from one of these countries, but I'd rather the administration look at the vetting process now to...
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