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    Like Fun, Only Different...

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    Who Ya Got? Week 17 - Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

    Cowboys Come on dooms and yim. Take the giants and give me a chance at a 5 way tie.
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    Makeup exam for Who Ya Got?

    Ok. I’m picking three games because I’m three behind. I’ll take the Packers, Cheifs and Rams.
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    Who Ya Got? Week 10 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

    Looks like an easy win.... for the Cowboys!! I know we got no shot but fuck it. Everyone is gonna take the eagles.
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    Who Ya Got? Week 5 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans

    This should be a home game for us. Their Dline is good and their offence should light us up. I’ll make a pick later in the week.
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    Who You Got? Week 1 - Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers

    Awesome. I was coming here to ask if someone would take it over. Thanks icup. Picking Cowboys. Rd to the playoffs starts here.
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    Championship Game Day Thread

    For the most part when I watch sports I just want a good game. Looks like I’m getting it.
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    Do I dare take the Jags today?

    Fuck yeah I do. Viks too.
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    Atlanta New Orleans New England Jacksonville

    Your winners this weekend.
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    Wild card weekend

    Who do you guys like? I’ll take Jacksonville, Chiefs, New Orleans and Atlanta.
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    2018 Cowboys Draft Watch

    Positions I like in the first. T, WR, DT, LB, S, DE depending on how we handle Lawerence. I would be happy with BPA off that list.
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    Who You Got Champion

    Congrats to iCup for winning this year. Send your address to me and the steak knives will be on the way!
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    Who you got? Week 17

    i didn't bother. ICup and BB are up by one. If they both take dallas we have to take the eagles. If they split picks we are irrelevant.
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    Who you got? Week 17

    Dallas vs Philly
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    Who you got? Week 16

    bbgun 10-4 icup 10-4 scot 9-5 bluenose 9-3 sixisbetter 9-5 englishcowboy 8-6 dodger 8-5 cmd34 7-4 maveric 7-2 thezonesucks 6-8 yimmeryammer 6-6 thoughtexperiment 7-5 theoneandonly 7-6 doomsday 5-9 seandude 6-4 Dust devil 4-6 Lazarus 4-4 mr B 2-7 eagle_9r_sknh8r 2-2 spiderfan_mj 2-1 dbair1967 1-1...
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