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    Quote Originally Posted by dbair1967 View Post
    100% lock he was a Zoner. I wonder which turd he is over there.
    There's a lot of turds over there, especially since one of the other forums shut down. It'd be like finding a needle in a haystack. The place isn't very readable anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheZoneSucks View Post
    Not surprising since he doesn't have a mod squad to protect his sorry ass. He also truly enjoys it when Dallas loses because he then patrols any thread for even a hint of people being upset so he can shriek at what a better fan he is.
    Yeah he said a lot of stupid crap and got called out on it. Then left whining.
    This needs to be the final season of Garrett & his staff. The greatest coaches on the planet should be candidates to lead the best org in sports. The days of teams blowing the Cowboys’ doors off in halftime adjustments needs to end. Time for change, new direction and a new voice
    — Ben Rogers (@BenRogers) November 20, 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by icup View Post

    could you stop being lazy and post some day-after thoughts ??

    do some write ups while this defense is giving you something positive to write about !
    I had sworn it off till the "Day After" Jason Garrett got fired.

    I might consider resurrecting it though if we win the next 3 games and clinch the division.

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    Correction needed and apologies to Abebeta. I got him confused with Amberbeer/Rockport which is who I suspect is the latest crusader that posted this thread.

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