Belichick calls out ESPN for "fake news"
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Thread: Belichick calls out ESPN for "fake news"

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    Belichick calls out ESPN for "fake news"

    Bill Belichick on DHK refers to unattributed quotes in ESPN The Magazine cover story as 'fake news'

    Ryan Hannable
    November 06, 2017 - 6:02 pm

    Last week, an ESPN The Magazine cover story titled, "Tom Brady's most dangerous game" was released and it*contained several bits about Bill Belichick surrounding the Patriots organization.

    One was a*friend of Belichick saying*“there's a collision coming” between him*and Guerrero, and also his*friends give him two or three more years to coach, so it is enough to ensure that his two sons, Steve and Brian,*“are secure, and possibly long enough to establish a truly dynastic succession.”

    On Dale & Holley with Keefe Monday, Belichick acknowledged he read the piece and called the unattributed quotes as "fake news."

    "I am not really sure if there’s a specific question here," he said.*"I mean, as usual, I think a lot of comments in the article you’re referring to were unattributed to anybody, if I am not mistaken. I don’t think anybody said anything. This is just a general random opinion about I am not sure exactly what. If we would like to talk about somebody who has an informed opinion about something that is one thing, I mean otherwise we’re just talking about a lot of fake news here about just putting out a lot of things that are unattributable. As usual. I’d say we get a lot of that.”

    So, what is his relationship with Guerrero?

    “Well, Alex works with Tom and Tom’s facility and that’s really about the end of it," Belichick said.*"If a player goes up there for a second opinion, or treatment, or whatever, that’s fine. No different than one who went to his own chiropractor or massage therapist, or whatever it happens to be.”

    Belichick confirmed he is not on the Patriots' staff.

    “No, he’s not on our*staff," he said.*"Our staff, our training staff, our nutrition staff, our equipment staff, those are all contained within the Patriots. Alex and his staff at TB12 and Tom’s role in TB12, that is kind of a separate business.”

    There was also a report last week of he and Tom Brady not having a good relationship, and Belichick shot that down. “Good. Consistent," he said.*"I’ve met with Tom at least twice a week for the last 16 years."
    This needs to be the final season of Garrett & his staff. The greatest coaches on the planet should be candidates to lead the best org in sports. The days of teams blowing the Cowboys’ doors off in halftime adjustments needs to end. Time for change, new direction and a new voice
    — Ben Rogers (@BenRogers) November 20, 2017

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    I'm liking Belichick more and more.

    In any event, you've accomplished the near have a thread closed/locked on DCU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThoughtExperiment View Post
    I'm liking Belichick more and more.
    love him, whats not to like?

    (other than he coaches for the Patriots and not Dallas)
    Sorry Jerry Totin if this offends you

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    the 30 for 30 with belichick and parcells is going to be a good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icup View Post
    the 30 for 30 with belichick and parcells is going to be a good one.
    Saw a preview of that last night while watching "Nature Boy."

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    Got to say if he really wanted the backup for next year over Brady then I have major props for the man. Looking to continue not only his legacy but the teams legacy. Sadly he was bent over a barrel. On one hand he had a future star that needs to be unleashed, on the other he had a HOFer that wants more years and is playing at a great level. Mind you that Brady took paycuts to allow for the team to be better.

    Hard decision either way but but if Jimmy G is as good as many thought, including the Cowboys as we wanted to draft him, might come back to bite Kraft in the rear. Just hope Jimmy G. won't do it as a 49er. They already have 5 SBs.

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