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Conversation Between dbair1967 and Midswat

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  1. Quit rocking a drew bledsoe avatar, loser.
  2. Quit pulling for the fucking Eagles. Loser
  3. Changed my mind. 15-1. Book it.
  4. 13-3, book it
  5. Not dating. Just fucking. I'd change my avatar but I'm only ever on my phone and can't change it from this device.
  6. You still dating antenna head woman?
  7. *** No April Fools Jokes in the Fan, News, NFL Zones ***


    I know most of you know this, but we do not allow fake stories to be posted in the main forums of CowboysZone. I appreciate April Fools jokes, but the "Cowboys have signed/released <insert player here>" threads have been posted so many times over the years they are not evenly remotely amusing.

  8. Nice self portrait. Love those sporty frames.
  9. I saw your post after I posted the earlier message. I could care less if Idgit came back. Those guys don't bother me one bit.
  10. Dont you want him here?
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